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We are looking for interns and apprentices to help with our new summer stock theatre program. Please read on below for more information about the positions available. Interns and apprentices will be at the center of the very busy operation of running this new program, and all producing activities. They will be given the opportunity to work with professional artists in residence, able to see productions free of charge, and gain invaluable, hands-on training in the areas of theatre production and administration.


Both internships and apprenticeships give you entry-level experience in a career, however they work in different ways. In essence, apprenticeships are paid positions that pay you to learn a skill in the work environment; allowing you to earn while you learn.  Internships give you the chance to learn before you earn, focusing on showing you what it would be like to work in a specific job or work environment before you choose a career.


The APPRENTICE is usually someone who knows exactly what type of job they want next, or what type of career they want. They will work side-by-side with expert employees on typical project work. The apprenticeship usually lasts longer than internships, and is generally a paying position.


The INTERN is generally a volunteer position and more short term. The intern is someone who wants to explore many options for their career interest.  An internship can help you decide if you want to follow a specific career before you commit to it.


The goals of the IAPI Apprentice and Internship program are to provide you, the student, with valuable insight into various career paths, facilitate opportunities to make professional contacts, equip you with the skills for future employment opportunities in the arts, and provide hands-on experience in theatre administration and production. You will be considered a vital member of our team.



(For all area high school and college students)




MARKETING & PROMOTIONS INTERNS: (2 positions available)

Responsibilities include coordinating special events, maintaining press and advertising files, assembling press and media packets, tracking box office information, contributing to audience surveys, assisting with social media campaigns, (including all online content and marketing e-blasts),  grassroots marketing efforts (including canvassing neighborhoods and organizations with promotional materials), other audience cultivation efforts, as well as helping to sell program advertising to local businesses.. Marketing interns will work directly with the Marketing Associate. Candidates must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and preferably possess some experience with graphic design, as well as have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word. Ideal candidates will be able to commit 5 to 10 hours per week.



Interns will work directly with the Marketing Associate to cultivate audiences though sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They will help to identify, engage and interact with local businesses and groups to help cultivate ticket sales with groups of ten or more.  Interns will also help to organize outreach efforts to connect with diverse audiences. Candidates should be comfortable reaching out to and engaging with new people and groups, as well as leading and working at social events. Ideal candidates will be able to commit 5 to 10 hours per week.


AUDIENCE SERVICES INTERNS: (2 positions available)

The audience services interns will join the front of house team to assist in the daily operations of the Box Office. Responsibilities include assisting in show preparations, selling single tickets, and helping to maintain and sell concessions. The ideal intern will have customer service experience, be comfortable with numbers and have a positive attitude. Candidates must be available for all show nights.


PRODUCTION INTERNS (2 positions available)

Interns will receive hands-on training in all areas of technical theatre (sound, lighting, carpentry, costumes), in the form of load-ins, strikes, and providing technical assistance as crew members on the two shows running. Candidates will be expected to also help with set and prop construction, light hangs, painting, etc. They work primarily with the Technical Coordinator and Stage Manager. Interns will work in an intimate environment with ample opportunities for hands-on learning and contact with designers, stage managers and crew members, including access to production meetings and tech rehearsals. Duties may also include running errands, organization and cleaning of theatre space, creating signage, etc. We expect the production interns to assist as members of the production staff at rehearsals, and working tech on productions. This internship will help to develop skills in construction of scenic elements as well as skills for coordinating sound, lights and costumes. Experience with technical theatre is a plus. Hours vary.


PERFORMANCE TECHNICAL INTERNS (3 positions available):

Interns will be assigned to a specific show and work from load-in (tech week) until strike on closing night. IPAI Production Staff will teach performance interns how to work all of the equipment in the theatre, and then they will serve as a board operator (sound, light, etc.) for that show. This is a great way to learn the inner workings of a show and allow you to feel more involved with a performance. Hours vary for this internship, depending on the tech and performance schedule of each show. Candidates must be available for ALL show dates.


PROPS MASTER INTERN (1 position available)

The props internship allows the intern to work on a variety of projects and assignment for both shows. This is an ideal position for an enthusiastic, personable candidate with an artistic background. Candidate will ultimately be planning, gathering and constructing props – and will be working directly with the Stage Manager for a prop schedule. Intern should have an ability to work independently and have their own transportation available for retrieving the props (gas will be reimbursed).  Hours vary per week depending on production and rehearsal schedule.





The intern will receive professional rehearsal and performance experience and training. During the internship, responsibilities include but are not limited to: preparation of rehearsal paperwork, coordinating rehearsal props and costumes, taking staging notes, being on book, and other production duties as needed. The intern will answer directly to the Assistant Stage Manager Apprentice, and ultimately the Stage Manager. Intern will also be responsible for part of the backstage show operations.  Candidates must have some stage management experience, be extremely organized, eager to learn on the job, and possess the flexibility to thrive in a busy theatre environment. ASM Interns must be available for all rehearsals and performances. This is for an individual that is highly motivated to go into the field of stage management. Expected hours per week will be 15-20.



(available for college students only)



This position works directly with the Director and Artistic Director in all aspects of production. Responsibilities include helping to coordinate schedules, assistance in running rehearsals, reporting daily to the Stage Manager, assisting in production research, and supporting all aspects of production management.  Candidate must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and possess the ability to work efficiently under pressure.  The Assistant Director position is designed for individuals pursing production or directorial careers in the live performing arts. Past directorial experience a must. Only dedicated and motivated individuals need apply. Hours per week will vary, but will be expected at all meetings, rehearsals, performances and special events related to the production.



This ASM Apprenticeship provides a unique opportunity to learn all aspects of stage management. This position reports directly to the Stage Manager and will assist the stage manager in all duties during the rehearsal and production process. Apprentice will also work closely with the Technical Coordinator, Props Master, Costumer, Production Interns and all other production staff. They will receive professional rehearsal and performance experience, including putting together production books, managing staff, and ultimately “calling” show cues. Candidates MUST have some stage management experience, be extremely organized, have reliable transportation, have excellent communication skills, and be willing to work hard! Expected hours per week vary. Most likely 20-25, or more.  There will also be opportunities to interact with and learn from directors, designers, and professional artists.  The ideal applicant should possess a strong desire to pursue a career in theatre and production management.


BOX OFFICE APPRENTICE (1 position available)

This apprentice will be directly responsible for the day to day operations of the box office, including supervision of the audience services interns. Once tickets go on sale, the apprentice will be responsible for daily box office reports, and handling all daily fax and mail order sales. Responsibilities include data entry, customer mailings and general maintenance of all box office records. Apprentice will be trained on ticketing software system. Ideal candidate will have customer service experience, be comfortable with numbers, and have excellent communication skills. Reliable transportation a must!



Work- Study Positions: (2 positions available) – IUPUI students only

Two marketing positions available immediately open on Jag Jobs – Must be work-study eligible and go through work-study hiring process.  Responsibilities include the creation of all marketing and promotional materials pertaining to summer program, including but not limited to posters, flyers, brochures, postcards, outdoor and indoor signage, etc., including assisting in the creation of press releases and press contacts. Spring and summer positions available.


All IPAI Apprentice and Internships share the same basic expectations. At a minimum, candidates must:

  • Possess the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a specific department of the theatre.
  • Be socially mature and self-sufficient.
  • Be able to take direction and criticism well.
  • Be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively.
  • Be consistent and dependable in their work habits.
  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Enjoy multi-tasking and creative problem-solving.
  • Work comfortably and effectively in a highly collaborative environment.


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